Hardwood Flooring The Natural Choice

The variety of options in hardwood flooring has expanded beyond traditional oak. With selections from bamboo to cork and all natural species woods, lean on the professional expertise of Scharm Flooring designers and installers to help you bring this classic look to your home.

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The natural choice

One of the most environmentally friendly building and design materials is American hardwoods. American hardwood is one of just a few all-natural choices for building materials and components. Abundant in supply, American hardwood is sustainable with a growing inventory through 2030. Hardwoods are favored for their extremely long service life, low carbon footprint, and eco-friendly disposal or repurposing at the conclusion of their useful lives. Scharm Flooring Covering is committed to help you make a choice that will have a positive impact on tomorrow.

Collections include:

  • Mirage
  • Mohawk
  • Homerwood
  • Somerset

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