2021 Carpeting Trends

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Whether you are looking to refresh a room or furnish a new home, you will want to consider these top 2021 carpeting trends when looking for that perfect carpet to compliment your home.

Here are some of the hottest trends in carpeting for 2021.

2021 Carpet Trends Include Bold Patterns

Using your carpet as a pop of color and pattern has been around for a few years but will most likely continue again with the lineup of 2021 carpeting trends.

Many people are choosing carpets as a way to express themselves throughout their homes by using bright colors on fun, energetic patterns that pop off the floors and become a big part of the room. It is about choosing patterns that stick out and almost clash with the walls and furniture in order to provide a fun atmosphere to any room.

Geometric and Floral Patterns

Two extremely popular patterns to watch out for in 2021 are geometric and floral.

Geometric patterns might be the most popular trend currently in carpets and consist of patterns that can shape a room by creating an almost optical illusion-like effect to give a room more space or bring it all together..

Floral patterns are tried and true and give a retro and classic look to help finish a room and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors so you will always find one that is perfect for any room.

2021 Carpeting Trends Showcase Natural Materials and Eco-Focused Fabrics

Many homeowners are also choosing to go with more subtle tones in their carpet and using natural colors and materials like wool to create warmth in a more minimalist room.

Along these same lines, many people are also choosing to use sustainable, eco-focused fabrics to decorate their homes like the natural-fiber carpets. People are checking to find out whether or not their carpets are sustainably sourced like recycled carpets

2021 Carpeting Trends Feature Bright Sparks of Color

Similar to the bold patterns we talked about above, bright, bold colors are also going to continue to be popular ahead in 2021 with many people using the carpets as a pop of color to accentuate color schemes. These bright, colorful rooms bring a sense of joy and liveliness that many people want to have in their homes and businesses.

Bright colors, big patterns, and eco-friendly are the top trends for the upcoming new year to keep an eye on when buying a new carpet for your home.

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