2023 Flooring: 3 Reasons Why January is the Best Time to Buy New Floors

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Looking for your 2023 flooring? There is one question people tend to have when considering investing in new flooring. When is the best time to buy? Or does it have any influence at all?

The answer is: Yes! Time of year does have an impact. In fact, January is the perfect time to buy new flooring for a variety of reasons.

1. Flooring Costs Drop After the Holiday Season

In January (post-holiday season), the prices for flooring are traditionally lower than average. Flooring manufacturers and providers are looking to move older stock out to make way for newer designs.

Typically, there are clearance sales and markdowns during this period that can help you lower the cost of your project.

2. Cooler Seasons Make for Easier 2023 Flooring Installations

Many people choose to avoid major renovation projects in the early parts of the year due to the cold weather. But, due to lower demand than in busy seasons. It can actually be easier to install new flooring. 

This is due to the decrease in demand during the early-year months, making contractors and installation cheaper and easier to schedule. Thus, homeowners expedite their installation timeline.

3. Less People Buy Flooring During Winter

As we touched on in point two, there are simply less people looking to buy and install flooring in the cold winter months.

This decrease in demand lowers costs and reduces demand for contractors. Therefore, this generally makes it easier to complete big flooring projects, making it the ideal time to do them.

When is the Worst Time to Implement 2023 Flooring?

On the other hand, there are sometimes of the year to avoid buying and installing new flooring.

Prices are typically their highest in the fall (August-November) as that year’s in-demand stocks become harder to find. And people often look for renovation projects as holiday gifts. Speaking of, the holiday season is also a tumultuous time to seek out new flooring to avoid the shopping frenzy, higher prices, and more demand for installation.

Part of buying new flooring is understanding the ebbs and flows of the year and how each month can affect the prices you’ll pay. But, with a little planning, you can take advantage of the colder months, like January, to get your big flooring project done for less.

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