2023 Flooring Trends: Eco-Friendly Styles and Patterns for the New Year

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With the new year around the corner, we have seen a repertoire of exciting new flooring trends for 2023. As always, this provides homeowners with fresh methods to reinvent their living space.

While colors change over the long term, both ends of the spectrum hold importance in 2023. Also, as climate change and sustainability enter everyday dialogue, homeowners are on the lookout for eco-friendly flooring materials. Finally, we take a look at unique patterns and wood aesthetics.

Promote Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials

Leading the way for 2023 flooring trends, eco-friendly materials are now in the mainstream. As everyone in the world tries to become a little greener, they now have flooring options to match their ambition.

That is why eco-friendly flooring will be a major trend in 2023. Homeowners can now choose from responsibly sourced woods, recycled materials, and materials that do better jobs of maintaining heat to lower energy bills. Additionally, be sure to do research into the manufacturers to ensure they are eco-friendly during their processes.

Celebrate Both Ends of the Color Spectrum

While high-energy colors grew more popular over the years, they are in high demand among 2023 flooring trends. Vivid, bright, and high-energy colors continue to be popular choices for floorings in homes in 2023.

Common traits in this style include bold color choices, clean lines, geometric shapes, and unique patterns. Whether it is a combination of warm browns or a pop of vibrance in reds, pinks, or bright yellows, colors bring energy to a space.

On the opposite end of the color splash spectrum, lighter tones are just as prevalent in the discussion of 2023 flooring trends. In nearly all types of flooring, lighter tones (and sometimes even whitewashed) are coming into style to create more airy, light feelings in a home. This coastal style offers neutral, wooden textures that bring out a calming feel to the space. Rooms that commonly employ lighter tones include kitchens, dining rooms, and common spaces with big windows and natural light, which complements the colors.

Patterned & Wood Aesthetic Join 2023 Flooring Trends

Whether it is wood, vinyl, tile, or other flooring materials, fun and unique patterns and shapes have become a popular trend in past years, and this looks to continue in 2023 (and beyond, potentially.) Popular patterns include herringbone, hexagons, chevrons, and parquet.

Although hardwood is a top draw for prospective home buyers, wood-like tiles represent the next best thing. As a top 2023 flooring trends, wood-like tile remains especially popular in kitchens. This style mimics gained in popularity due to providing the practicality (water resistance, toughness, and ease of maintenance) of other flooring materials while providing the beauty of hardwood.

In kitchens, a place not always friendly for hardwoods due to the frequent spills and required cleaning, this allows homeowners to get rustic and timeless looks of wood without the risk of damage.

Maximize Your Implementation of 2023 Flooring Trends

Among new year’s resolutions, homeowners seek out new strategies to reinvent their living space. To some homeowners, bright, high-energy color palettes reflect their personality better than lighter tones.

In addition, environmentally friendly materials have grown increasingly significant over the past decade. However, that does not mean homeowners need to compromise on installing floors with a wood-grain appearance. To explore eco-friendly options in 2023, reach out to the Chicagoland flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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