5 Tips to Help You Maintain Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to every home but with that beauty comes a lot of upkeep. They can be hardy and last a long time if you take necessary steps to maintain them. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your hardwood floors in perfect shape.

1. Use Cleaning Supplies Meant for Hardwood Floors

The first tip should be obvious if you have owned a hardwood floor before but if not, you need to know that you cannot use just any cleaning product with hardwood. During your next trip to the store, look for products labelled for use on hardwood floors. These products avoid harsh chemicals that could harm the finish of your floor.

In the same vein, try to avoid using lots of soap and water when cleaning. If you mop, use a disposable mop pad or a spray and mop technique to avoid standing water on your hardwood.

2. Vacuum or Sweep Hardwood Floors Often

Try to vacuum or sweep daily to pick up debris that could scratch your floor or become lodged in the space between boards. You can also use a slightly damp microfiber cleaning cloth to dust your floor without risking scratches.

When vacuuming, be sure to find a vacuum meant for hardwood or one with a hardwood setting. This ensures that the vacuum is raised slightly higher and makes sure that the roll bar doesn’t hurt your floor.

3. Use Furniture Protection on Hardwood Floors to Prevent Damage

In order to avoid scratches from moving furniture, use pads under sofa, chair, and table legs so you can safely move them without worry. Similarly, use rubber pads under your rugs to avoid scratches and keep the rug from slipping around.

4. Polish Hardwood Floors

Over time the shine of your hardwood floor will naturally die down. A simple polish—with a hardwood-safe product—can bring that shine right back.

5. Wax and Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Every Few Years

Every few years you should look into refinishing your floor in order to restore its original looks. This can be a waxing, refinishing with protective materials, and some light sanding. If you are uncomfortable with this part—or do not want to risk damaging your floor—you might leave this part up to a professional.

A hardwood floor is a gorgeous addition to any home and can last years and years if properly taken care of.

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