Area Rugs: Take a Practical Approach to Home Décor

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If you feel like your space is missing something, area rugs offer a practical approach to home décor. In general, they help to complete the look, supplying an often much-needed pop of color and texture.

Additionally, rugs give that “warm home” feel. Beyond aesthetics, here are some ways in which an area rug improves home décor and livability!

Area Rugs Can Change the Room in a Variety of Ways

Area rugs tend to be the centerpiece furniture piece that brings everything together. Area rugs come in hundreds of varieties which means that the perfect rug that completes your room is out there.

The perfect area rug can really tie a room together and complete your vision for the vibe of the space. Whether it’s the perfect color, a lovely pattern, or a certain texture, the rug can provide what your room is missing. Need something more comfortable? Try a high-pile rug. Something to warm up and provide a cozier atmosphere? Try war colors like red, brown, and orange, and pick the right pattern.

As far as boosting aesthetics, area rugs are the perfect choice because you truly can find the perfect solution as far as choosing the characteristics of your rug. Finding that one perfect piece to fit snugly into your dream space is completely possible.

Practical Benefits in the Home

Area rugs don’t just look great, they can also play a practical role in improving your rooms in a variety of ways, including:

  • Soundproofing: If your home has hard floors (wood, vinyl, tile), an area rug can help reduce the sounds of daily life like footsteps, jumping, dogs running, and more. It dampens noise to those around you (downstairs neighbors, for example) and reduces echoes for you.
  • Improve Allergies: An area rug can also help trap allergens so that they aren’t floating around your room. This helps keep allergies under control.
  • Control Temperature: Because of its ability to absorb heat better than harder floors, an area rug can actually keep rooms warmer, especially in places in your house like basements or garages where the floors are typically colder.

Area rugs have a lot of benefits to give your home, but it’s important to pick the right one. The one with the perfect color, pattern, texture, material, and shape that’ll complement your furniture and elevate your living spaces.

To find the perfect area rug for your living space, contact the Chicagoland flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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