$89.3 Billion Industry: Hardwood Flooring Expecting Massive Growth by 2031

September 15

By 2031, analysts expect the hardwood flooring market to become an $89.3 billion industry. As of present-day 2022, the hardwood flooring industry already employs 45,000 people.

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Vinyl Flooring Market: The Growth of an Industry in 2022

September 1

For those perusing flooring renovation projects over the past several years, you’ve probably noticed the surge in the vinyl flooring market.

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Armstrong Flooring Sale: What Does the Future Look Like?

August 15

Rocking the flooring industry, one of the biggest news stories of 2022 entails the Armstrong Flooring sale. As the only non-liquidating buyer, AHF Products purchased Armstrong Flooring’s North American assets in a bankruptcy sale.

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Sustainable Flooring: Eco-Friendly Technology That Promote a Healthy Environment

August 1

In recent years, sustainable flooring practices became more prevalent in the customer decision-making process.

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Hospitality Flooring is Evolving to Meet More Modern Styles

July 15

Throughout the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital industry faced major setbacks, taking hospitality flooring with it.

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i4F Drop-Lock System: Flooring Installation Made Remarkably Easier

July 1

The brand-new i4F drop-lock system sets out to reinvent the flooring installation process, cutting down on seepage and allowing for easier assembly.

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Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate Flooring: The Proper Methodology to Protecting Floors

June 15

Properly cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring goes a long way to protecting their beauty and hardiness.

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Tarkett Dynamic Edit: New Modular Patterns for Commercial Flooring

June 1

Floor covering technology evolves quickly, and the new Tarkett Dynamic Edit series reflects that.

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Energy-Efficient Flooring: Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

May 15

With summer around the corner, energy-efficient flooring rises to the top of homeowner priorities. Is your house heating up with the incoming summer months? Is your energy bill heating up just as quick? Many homeowners don’t realize how much their flooring can play a part in keeping those bills down. Read on to learn more […]

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Hardwood Fading: Ways to Protect Your Floors from Summer

May 1

While hardwood flooring is undeniably beautiful, hardwood fading presents an ongoing challenge for homeowners. Most homeowners take great lengths to protect them through unique cleaning techniques and polishing. How the Sun Leads to Fading Hardwood Sunlight causes hardwood fading. If not properly taken care of, direct sunlight damages the wood over time. How is this […]

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