Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate Flooring: The Proper Methodology to Protecting Floors

June 15

Properly cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring goes a long way to protecting their beauty and hardiness.

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Tarkett Dynamic Edit: New Modular Patterns for Commercial Flooring

June 1

Floor covering technology evolves quickly, and the new Tarkett Dynamic Edit series reflects that.

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Energy-Efficient Flooring: Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

May 15

With summer around the corner, energy-efficient flooring rises to the top of homeowner priorities. Is your house heating up with the incoming summer months? Is your energy bill heating up just as quick? Many homeowners don’t realize how much their flooring can play a part in keeping those bills down. Read on to learn more […]

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Hardwood Fading: Ways to Protect Your Floors from Summer

May 1

While hardwood flooring is undeniably beautiful, hardwood fading presents an ongoing challenge for homeowners. Most homeowners take great lengths to protect them through unique cleaning techniques and polishing. How the Sun Leads to Fading Hardwood Sunlight causes hardwood fading. If not properly taken care of, direct sunlight damages the wood over time. How is this […]

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Mohawk UltraWood Earns New Green Builder Home Stability Award

April 15

Throughout the flooring world, Mohawk UltraWood is renowned for its versatility, resilience, and eco-friendly nature.

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Tile Grout: Tackling Efflorescence, Haze & Mold Challenges

April 1

Homeowners with tile grout regularly face the uphill climb that is maintaining that good-as-new aesthetic.

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Merkrete DUSTLESS Setting Solution Now Reduces Tile Installation Time

March 15

As of last week, it was announced that the Merkrete DUSTLESS setting solution will be on full display at Coverings 2022.

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Mudroom Décor: Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Space

March 1

ve to make their spaces their own, mudroom décor grew in popularity.

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Oiled & Ultra-Matte Finishes: Flooring Trends for 2022

February 15

In recent months, oiled and ultra-matte flooring finishes grew increasingly popular.

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Carpeting Trends in 2022: Make Your Living Space Stand Out

February 4

With new carpeting trends in 2022, homeowners have new opportunities to make their living spaces stand out.

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