Mudroom Décor: Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Space

March 1

ve to make their spaces their own, mudroom décor grew in popularity.

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Oiled & Ultra-Matte Finishes: Flooring Trends for 2022

February 15

In recent months, oiled and ultra-matte flooring finishes grew increasingly popular.

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Carpeting Trends in 2022: Make Your Living Space Stand Out

February 4

With new carpeting trends in 2022, homeowners have new opportunities to make their living spaces stand out.

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Choosing Hardwood Flooring: 3 Factors to Help with the Decision

January 15

When choosing hardwood flooring, homeowners consider a variety of factors. The right hardwood flooring stands up against the test of time, and foot traffic.

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Sell Your Home This Year with Upgraded Hardwood Flooring

January 1

Want to sell your home this year? Upgrading your flooring may be the fastest way to get it done. But what type of flooring should you install?

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in 2022: Design the Perfect Living Space

December 15

Planning to install luxury vinyl flooring in 2022? Now, homeowners face more styles, color combinations, and aesthetics than ever before.

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Tile Trends from Spain: Highlights from Cersaie Fall 2021

December 1

Cersaie, an exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing in Spain, occurred a few months back. This annual event gathers some of the world’s best Spanish design companies to showcase their latest designs.

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Trends From Cersei Fall Expo, Ceramics of Italy

November 15

Italy is always known as a place of art, creation, and creativity, and in the world of flooring that very much rings true, especially in ceramic tiles. This year at Cersei, the world’s largest ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings exhibition, the top designers and manufacturers displayed some of their best designs and trends in Bologna.

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What’s the Best Type of Flooring for a Sunroom?

November 1

The sunroom is one of the most pleasant and natural rooms found in our homes, especially in the cold weather seasons, but it requires flooring that can meet the unique conditions presented by such a room. Here is a look at what to look for in a sunroom floor and some of the best choices […]

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How to Care for Your Hardwood Floors During the Rainy Season

October 15

The wet season is a dangerous time for your hardwood floor as it stands up to daily wear and tear every day that includes mud, rain, debris, and more. Follow these quick tips to help you protect your hardwood floor.

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