Carpeting Trends in 2022: Make Your Living Space Stand Out

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Among the latest carpeting trends in 2022, comes the need for a defined color palette. While homeowners may be tempted to explore a wide color scheme, being more selective with your color palette helps to present a consistent home interior.

Oftentimes, homeowners think of the walls first when reflecting on their color palette. However, the floor is also a wonderful starting point that dictates the rest of the living space.

Genuine hardwood flooring tends to be the most desired flooring option. But it does lack one thing: softness. Carpeting trends in 2022 see a renewed effort to embrace softer flooring. And plush carpeting achieves just that.

Not only does plush carpeting offer a softer experience, many of today’s materials feature noise-reducing capabilities. For instance, take a look at our Karastan collection. With this in mind, it really is no wonder that plush carpeting is quickly seeing a resurgence.

One of the biggest carpeting trends in 2022 is bold color schemes. Shifting away from the more conventional lineup of whites, grays, etc., bold schemes allow living spaces to accent walls or reflect the furniture around it.

Not only that, bold color schemes take color theory into mind. They can add a feeling of warmth and comfort to any living space.


2022 is set to be a standout year for the carpeting world as it continually sees the trends come to life. With that in mind, a consistent palette, plush materials, and bold color scheme can really make a living space come to life.

For help with picking out the perfect carpeting for your living space, reach out to the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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