Why Ceramic Tile is Great for Breweries

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Breweries are tough on floors. The entire brewing process is a series of events that brings many different elements upon the floor that, over the course of time, causes damage.


Vibrations, heat, and spills are all things that happen daily at breweries that accelerate the wear and tear of a typical floor. That’s why so many breweries go with ceramic tile as their tile of choice.


Low Absorption Rate


One of the biggest benefits of ceramic tile is its low absorption rate which typically lands somewhere between 0.1% and 0.5%. This means that when liquid falls onto the floor, less than 1% of it will be absorbed into the tile which weakens its integrity over time.


This means easy cleanups and a tile that lasts longer in a place like a brewery where spills are inevitable and happen often.


Slip Resistant


Speaking of spills, another huge benefit of ceramic tile in a brewery is its resistance to becoming slippery.


Ceramic tile, especially those covered in a non-slick coating, remains resistant to slips thanks to its textured surface that helps promote grip even when under a layer of water (or beer in the case of a brewery.)


Ceramic Tiles Can Withstand Heat


Ceramic tiles are born in the flames of a kiln, so they’re highly accustomed to changes in temperature, specifically heating up and cooling down. This brings some great stress on the flooring and accelerates many types of flooring’s lifespan by years.


With boiling a big part of the brewing process, this brings some great stress on the flooring and accelerates many types of flooring’s lifespan by years. That’s why it’s necessary to find a floor that is resistant to these drastic changes in temperature and which can withstand high heats without sustaining damage each time.


Ceramic Tile is Tough


Life in a brewery can be hectic and toss a lot of obstacles at your flooring. Beyond the heat and spills, a brewery needs a tile that can handle all sorts of wear and tear. Whether it’s rolling carts, heavy loads, or spilled chemicals, a brewery needs a tile that can withstand it all.


Ceramic tiles come in handy here because of their sheer fortitude and resistance to cracks, chips, and scratches.


A normal day at the brewery can be a brutal one on its flooring. That’s why so many breweries have decided to use a ceramic tile as its floor of choice because it’s tough, slip resistant, and is one of the few floorings that can handle everything brewery life can throw at it.


To install ceramic tile in your brewery, get in touch with the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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