Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate Flooring: The Proper Methodology to Protecting Floors

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Properly cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring goes a long way to protecting their beauty and hardiness. If not done properly, these floors can easily face damage.

Use the Right Tools When Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

Not every cleaning tool is right for every type of flooring. When cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring, it’s important to use scratch-proof tools.

To avoid damaging your floors, use more specialized tools like:

  • Microfiber Mops: These mops use special coverings of microfiber cloth to gently pick up dirt and dust from hardwood floors. Because of their soft touch, microfiber materials are great for a quick wipe-down.
  • Vacuums with Hardwood Settings: Not all vacuums are ideal for cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring. Selecting a vacuum cleaner with settings designed for these flooring types helps to minimize scratching. Avoid using vacuums with beater bars unless given the option to turn them off.
  • Hardwood Cleaners: Lastly, in combination with specialty mops and other cleaning tools, make sure you’re using cleaners that are designed for use on hardwood and laminate floors.

Steps to Take When Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate Flooring

When cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring, taking preventative measures helps to protect the floors. Clean up messes like spilled liquids or any standing liquid. Place pads under furniture (especially if sliding furniture around). Use placemats under any pet food or water dishes. And provide guests and family members a place to clean off and store their dirty shoes before tracking dirt onto your flooring.

To avoid damage, use these cleaning tips:

  • Don’t use abrasive materials for scrubbing like steel wool
  • Don’t steam clean
  • Avoid acidic cleaners that can strip protective coatings
  • Don’t use products designed for other flooring types (vinyl, tiles, etc.)
  • Don’t overwax wood floorings or use wax for laminate

Hire Scharm Floor Covering to Clean Your Floors

Cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring can be a time-consuming process. Additionally, if you don’t already have the right tools for the job, these floors are at a greater risk of facing damage.

For help with properly cleaning your home’s floors, contact the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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