Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming one of the most popular options in homes and offices for a lot of reasons: it is relatively cheap, it is durable, and it looks good. But, like any floor, maintaining it takes some work.


Here are some simple tips to keep your luxury vinyl floor looking good-as-new.


Be Proactive with Dirt on Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Also like any floor, it all starts with avoiding as many messes as possible. Do the small things like wiping off muddy or dirty feet (or paws, if you have pets) or leaving shoes outside.


But, messes cannot be avoided forever. Make sure that, when you notice a mess, you clean them up as quickly as possible in order to avoid caked-on dirt, dried liquids, and other hard-to-remove messes that could hurt the finish of the floor.


Choose the Right Cleaner for Luxury Vinyl Flooring


When it is time to do a deep cleaning on your luxury vinyl floor, make sure you choose the right cleaner. All flooring types have preferred cleaners and vinyl is no exception, but—thanks to its hardiness—you have a few options.


First, you can mix your own cleaning solution with household products. Stuff like apple cider vinegar mixed with water, soap and water, and a baking soda solution are all options.


If you prefer to use a store-bought cleaner, you can generally use any basic floor cleaner that is not specifically made for a different floor—wood polish, for example.


Consistent Cleaning is Key with Luxury Vinyl Flooring


As we stated above, proactivity is a big part of maintaining a vinyl floor. Part of that is having a consistent cleaning schedule. Don’t wait for dust to pile up, grime to take hold, and crumbs to litter the floor, a quick sweeping of vacuuming every couple of days will do wonders in keeping your vinyl floor clean and helping it last as long as possible, maintain color, and avoid general wear and tear.


Vinyl flooring is a great choice for all kinds of living situations for its toughness, style, and how easy it is to maintain a good-as-new look even after months of use.


For help with residential cleaning, reach out to the luxury vinyl flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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