Energy-Efficient Flooring: Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

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With summer around the corner, energy-efficient flooring rises to the top of homeowner priorities. Is your house heating up with the incoming summer months? Is your energy bill heating up just as quick? Many homeowners don’t realize how much their flooring can play a part in keeping those bills down.

Read on to learn more about how energy-efficient flooring can make a significant difference in keeping your home comfortable and your energy bills reasonable.

Use an Energy-Efficient Flooring Material

If you’re able to completely renovate your flooring, it’s worth doing some extra research into a more energy-efficient option. In the summer months, you need flooring that doesn’t absorb too much heat and can do its part to keep a room cool without the aid of an always-on A/C unit.

Here are a few examples of energy-efficient floorings for the summer:

Vinyl and Laminate: Vinyl and laminate are more insulating than their more traditional counterparts like hardwood, stone, or concrete. Additionally, vinyl and laminate floors are often much cheaper than other options, without sacrificing for look and style.

Concrete: It may not sound like an efficient, stylish, cozy choice for a flooring but concrete can be a great choice for its durability, style, slip resistance, and ability to keep a room cool during those hot summer months.

Cork: Not only is cork environmentally friendly, it’s durable, natural, and good at lowering temperatures in rooms where it’s used, which can be any room in the house.

Install Underlay Beneath Your Floors

If you’ve got your heart set on a flooring that fits your needs but maybe isn’t as efficient as you’d hoped, you still have options.

Installing underlay beneath your floors can give them an energy-efficiency boost by eliminating a lot of the heat loss that occurs through the floor by insulating and maintaining that heat through winter. In the summer, this insulation can also help keep heat out from outside and maintain a steady indoor temperature.

To stay comfortable year-round, it’s important to have the right flooring. Choosing floors and underlays that work best can lower your energy bills and making it easier to keep your house at a comfortable temperature through the more intense cold and hot months of the year.

To install energy efficient floors in your home, contact the specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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