Flooring Increases Home Resale Value

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Home resale value is a trending topic as of late. Recently, many Chicagoans have been moving out of the metropolitan area and exchanging their home for something larger in the suburbs.


The flooring of a home is one of its biggest features and is something everyone looks for when touring a home. Flooring has a big impact on how people see your home and if they would consider purchasing it.


Here are some tips to help you decide if your flooring is hurting or helping your home’s resale value.

How Does Flooring Affect Your Home Resale Value?

The flooring of your home plays a big role in how potential buyers evaluate it. Is it new, cracked, faded, ugly, old? The flooring in a home is a huge investment and many people who are buying a new home do not want to have to immediately make large changes to something that costs so much. So, having updated, well-maintained flooring can be a big selling point.


There are a few things most home buyers want to see in 2020 when it comes to flooring. One is consistency across the house. Having five or six different flooring styles throughout the home is a turn-off, especially if the two styles collide in highly visible areas like a main room or hallway.


The second is a little carpet as possible. Most people do not want to see carpet throughout the home but are OK with it in small bedrooms. But, most want some kind of hard surface, whether it be hardwood or laminate, or vinyl, in as many rooms as possible.

The Best Flooring for Home Resale in 2020

When it comes to types of flooring, most people these days are looking for something with a hard surface. Here are a few of the most popular flooring styles that will help increase the resale value of your home.

Hardwood Flooring Increases Home Resale Value

Picking a hardwood floor has always been a popular option. Though they can be more expensive and harder to maintain, the investment is one that will pay off in the future, especially when you sell your home. A National Association of Realtors study found that

54% of buyers were willing to pay more for homes with hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Increases Home Resale Value

With the current trend leaning toward hard surfaces, vinyl plank flooring is a good option because it looks chic (even looking like hardwood in some cases), is generally cheap, and exceptionally durable. If you find yourself needing to update an old carpet, going with vinyl might be the best, affordable way to upgrade quickly.


When listing their home, most people do not realize how much attention (and how much of a deal-breaker) the flooring can be. If you are looking to list a home and want to increase its value, an upgrade to the flooring might be in order.


To increase your home resale value, reach out to the hardwood and luxury vinyl specialists at Scharm Floor Coving.

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