Forced Perspective Flooring to Make Your Room Look Bigger

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Forced perspective flooring is the art of using flooring as a sort of optical illusion. When properly employed, homeowners make rooms look farther, closer, smaller, or larger. In this case, Scharm Floor Covering has tactics to make your room look bigger.

Do you want to make your small space appear larger? Maybe, maybe you just want to make a room look more expansive? Forced perspective flooring solves creative dilemma.

Enlarge a Room with Forced Perspective Flooring

One thing to consider is that an overly cluttered room will look smaller. Plus, you won’t be able to see as much of the flooring. If you keep the décor in a room simple and expose as much floor space as possible, it will promote a much greater sense of space.

Consider using simple diagonal patterning in smaller spaces. This strategy encompassing forced perspective flooring appears to expand the floor size. But use caution when choosing patterned flooring. An overly complex design takes more away than it provides.

If opting for wood flooring, go with wide planks. They make a room look bigger, so avoid going for skinny, small planks. For tile, a similar concept is true. Go for larger tiles, as tiny tiles will only emphasize the small size of a space.

What about color? Well, while you may be able to get away with dark wood or darker colored flooring, it’s safer to opt for light colors. To pull off a dark floor in a smaller space, you need to be extremely minimalist and careful about the type of decor and furnishings you select. A lighter color floor will open space and give you a little bit more furniture and design leeway. You should also avoid going for overly shiny or reflective finishes.

All in all, keeping flooring simple in a smaller space and following some basic tips and tricks can help to expand the feeling and perception of any room. Don’t overlook the importance of different flooring options when it comes to designing a space to look more open and expansive.

For help with forced perspective flooring, reach out to the flooring and home décor specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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