Hardwood Flooring Innovations

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Technological advances continue to benefit the hardwood flooring business, rendering them more beautiful and more likely to withstand life’s challenges. This advancement sees many manufacturers providing wide varieties of surface textures, styles and designs.

Now, manufacturers can offer high-performance hardwood flooring featuring longer lifespans and, in some instances, more competitive pricing points- thanks to technological developments.

The following is a list of current flooring innovations that you should be aware of before beginning your next flooring project

Wider Hardwood Flooring

While 6″ was originally regarded as a wide plank; however, 7″ is now the standard, with 8″ widths commonly available. These wide boards are growing in popularity, and their utilization is expanding as well. Before now, wide boards were traditionally utilized in rustic settings, but they are currently being employed to add a natural aspect to modern rooms.

Waterproof wood

A lot of homeowners desire flooring that is worry-free and low maintenance. The latest engineered wood introductions feature innovative water-repellent constructions and coatings that can withstand regular use. And they can be safely put in every part of the house, including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Natural features

Weathering materials such as stone, hardwood, and metal creates attractive patinas and subdued color when exposed to the elements. A space with a weathered and aged look has a more lived-in and less cherished esthetic.


Hand scraped and wire brushed floors have grown in popularity in recent years and currently make for the most of hardwood flooring bought today. The more the surface looks textured, the less noticeable dents and light scratches will be, making it more appealing for usage in a busy household.

Smooth “piano-top” floors are no longer popular in the flooring market since they tend to reveal dents, dust, and footprints. Currently, rotating brushes are being used to scrape the softer springwood to offer the denser and harder summer wood, showing the natural texture and depth of the natural wood.

Grey tone

The use of a process termed fuming to produce a natural grey patina is also a growing concept in hardwood flooring. With technological developments, obtaining a grey floor is no longer confined to putting a stain or gloss, which might look unnatural. Now, all manufacturers can reproduce traditional fuming techniques in a controlled atmosphere with predictable outcomes.

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