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Though many people desperately want hardwood flooring in their homes, sometimes it is just not the best option whether it is because of the budget or the home. Luckily, natural hardwood is not the only option anymore.

Your Options for Authentic Wood Visuals

With the advances in flooring in the last few years, going with natural hardwood is not your only option if you are only after that stunning hardwood look. Vinyl replication has caught up quickly.

Natural Hardwood

Obviously, the only way to get a true hardwood experience is to go with the real thing. There is really no substitute for a natural hardwood floor. It is tough, beautiful, and a timeless look that could last for years in your home. But, with that beauty comes some effort. You must work harder to avoid scratches from furniture, spills that could ruin the wood, and use the right cleaners.

For many, the feeling of having a natural hardwood floor is enough to put in all the effort, time, and money to maintain a hardwood floor. For others, there is another option.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

While there is no substitute for true hardwood, vinyl flooring comes awfully close. In some cases, to the point where you can hardly tell the difference. Today, vinyl can effectively replicate the wood grains, colors, and textures found in hardwood flooring and it comes in many shapes and sizes from planks to tiles.

Vinyl flooring also has many other benefits that might influence your decision. It is significantly cheaper than hardwood—sometimes less than half the price—and much easier to clean. Vinyl flooring can be cleaned using almost any standard cleaner including basic mop pads, dusters, and the classic soap and water.

Hardwood is known to be sturdy and, if well taken care of, can last for years and years. Vinyl’s lifespan is slightly shorter, but it remains just as sturdy being that it is stain-proof, resistant to scratches, and waterproof. Even if one of the tiles or planks breaks down, it is easily replaced.

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home is a dream for many people who want the gorgeous, timeless look gracing their halls. But it is not always right for every home or homeowner. Sometimes having a second option, like luxury vinyl tile, can get you close to the look of hardwood with many added benefits included.

To find authentic wood visuals for your living space, reach out to the hardwood and luxury vinyl specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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