Herringbone Hardwood Flooring in Illinois: Excellent Design for 2022

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Throughout 2021, the Scharm Floor Covering team installed plenty of herringbone hardwood flooring in Illinois. Looking to the New Year, herringbone hardwood flooring continues to be an excellent design choice for 2022.

Herringbone Hardwood Flooring in Illinois: A History

Initially created as a cloth design, herringbone patterning goes all the way back to the Roman Empire. For the unacquainted, Herringbone “features a geometric pattern that is sometimes called a “Broken Twill Weave“. The Roman Empire also used Herringbone to construct its roadways. Because of its interlocking nature, Herringbone absorbed foot and market traffic for an extremely stable support level.

Throughout history, herringbone persisted in its usage. In fact, the oldest known herringbone hardwood flooring goes back to 1539. In France, architects employed it in geometric patterns to resemble brickwork. It was commonly installed throughout churches.

Because of its classic, minimalistic aesthetic, you will continue to see herringbone hardwood flooring in Illinois. Especially in cleaner, more organized spaces, herringbone hardwood gives the flooring an opportunity to shine with its fascinating geometric pattern.

Installing Herringbone Hardwood Flooring in Illinois

Heading into 2022, herringbone hardwood flooring features a plethora of applications, both residentially and commercially. Because of its sophisticated appearance and unique color combinations, there are numerous opportunities for a modern touch on an instant classic when installing Herringbone hardwood flooring in Illinois.

When installing this type of flooring, it is vital to protect the integrity of the pattern. Herringbone, and any parquet flooring for that matter, must be carefully aligned to maintain its look. Due to modern installation methods, it is possible to seamlessly install herringbone hardwood flooring in 24 hours or fewer.


While Scharm Floor Covering saw an uptick across installation work for herringbone hardwood floor in Illinois, our team does not anticipate it slowing down. While herringbone patterns are tough to install on your own, their simplified measurements and adaptability make them a strong candidate for any living space.

To install herringbone hardwood flooring in Illinois, contact the specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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