Hospitality Flooring: Great Materials for Hotels and Restaurants

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Hospitality flooring for hotels, restaurants, and others in the service industry tend to include special requirements. Due to the unique nature of their use, they must be durable and aesthetically pleasing.

What Makes Good Hospitality Flooring for Hotels & Restaurants?

For hotels, floorings must be able to be three things. Easily cleaned, resistant to a huge number of messes, and hardy enough to withstand all types of foot traffic. Aside from being clean, hotels need their flooring to be comfortable and inviting to guests. Therefore, colors, patterns, and materials are very important with hospitality flooring.

Restaurants come with similar but also unique needs. For dining rooms, flooring again needs to be easily cleaned, resistant to stains and damage, and inviting. But, for kitchens and behind-the-scenes areas, they need to be just as hardy while providing safety. Features like a good grip, even when dirty or covered in liquids, are a top priority.

Something that both places need for their hospitality flooring is the ability to easily (and affordably) repair their flooring.

Choosing hospitality flooring for these two types of places is difficult. But it’s important to take the time to assess your options to find the perfect fit. Here is a quick look at the top choices for hotels and restaurants:

Best Hospitality Flooring Choices for Restaurants and Hotels

1. Carpet for Guest Rooms, Dining Rooms, and High-Traffic Areas

For hotels and possibly dining rooms of restaurants, carpet is a very viable option, especially for hallways and guest rooms. 

Carpet gives you a lot of options as far as a hospitality flooring material. Colors and patterns to help you create a desired feeling for guests and to match any themes. Carpet also brings the comfortable, warm feel that you want for guests. It’s also very affordable, can easily be changed, and provides good soundproofing which makes it good for both rooms and hallways which receive a lot of traffic.

2. Vinyl for Hotels and Restaurants

Another flooring that has everything both restaurants and hotels need is vinyl flooring

First of all, it is extremely durable. It’s scratch and water resistant, holds up well to high foot traffic, can withstand spills, and it looks good in the process. For hospitality flooring, Vinyl is also very cost-efficient with businesses being able to replace individual boards when they become too damaged. 

Additionally, vinyl comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and it can even mimic other popular floorings like tile and wood.

3. Tile for Restaurant Kitchens

Tile is often the go-to flooring for restaurant kitchens because it provides everything needed: durability to withstand stains and damage, good grip even when covered in food or liquid, it can be easily replaced when damaged, and simple to clean with standard supplies.

Though it doesn’t matter as much for kitchens, tile also comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to help complete a look or match a restaurant’s overall vibe.

Hotels and restaurants have very special and unique needs when it comes to flooring, but there are perfect options out there.

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