Hospitality Flooring is Evolving to Meet More Modern Styles

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Throughout the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital industry faced major setbacks, taking hospitality flooring with it. With Americans severing travel plans, (and staying home altogether), the brutal economic impact forced a moment of reflection.

In doing so, hospitality businesses look to set themselves on the path of financial recovery. With 2022 show strong numbers so far, experts noticed an uptick in flooring renovation projects for hospitality companies. Overall, this period of resurgence feels like the being of a new wave design and innovation for the flooring marketplace.

New Flooring Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Like many businesses after the pandemic, hospitality companies sought out ways to innovate and stay fresh in a new world of travel and entertainment. Most prominently, hospitality companies evolved their facility’s floorings.

While doing so, they mixed textures and designed custom color schemes. Of course, this is all while continuing to provide guests with a comfortable, recognizable, and unique experience.

Hospitality Flooring Embraces Hard Surfaces

Flooring specialists saw one major shift towards hard surfaces. By combining the elegance of a hard surface (wood, laminate, tile, etc.) with the comfort, color, and stylings of a complementary carpet or rug, a new design trend formed.

Not only does this approach demonstrate a business-orientation, it also displays a spark of creativity. One of the leaders in this space is Armstrong Flooring (a close partner of Scharm Floor Covering). Armstrong Flooring provides ‘an opportunity to escape with rest & refuge’ thanks to their selection of authentic wood designs to embrace a warmer, minimalistic approach.

Hospitality Flooring Designs Custom Color Palettes

When it comes to hospitality flooring, the material itself only gets businesses so far in realizing their creative vision. Sticking out from the crowd is a hallmark strategy in an industry like hospitality where competition is tough and numerous.

Custom colors help businesses stand out, bring out life and vibrance to a space, and provide a signature look and feel to public and private spaces alike. Designers working with custom colors in hospitality use them to set the mood immediately upon arrival by matching them to location and branding.

Hospitality Flooring Utilizes Sustainable Materials

Over the past decade, the flooring industry in its entirety launched a shift towards sustainable materials. Sustainable practices in business are not only important for the planet, but it’s important to guests who don’t want to feel guilty or bad about staying in hotels or eating at restaurants that don’t share this value.

To get ahead, hospitality flooring started to embark on its own route of sustainable flooring solutions for both economic and ecologic purposes. This means more organic and recycled materials and giving interiors a more ‘connected with the outdoors’ vibe.

Looking Towards the Future of the Hospitality Industry

As hospitality businesses reinvent themselves, their flooring plays a big part. Hard surfaces, custom color palettes, and sustainable materials represent just a few of the ways that the industry reimagined its flooring efforts.

To install new hospitality flooring for your facility, contact the Chicagoland specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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