How to Choose the Best Flooring for an Office Building

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How to Choose the Best Flooring for an Office Building

Depending on the aesthetic you’re aiming for, and the type of work you’ll be doing, there are many different choices for flooring in an office building from carpet to stone to hardwood. Here is a look at some of these options and how to choose the right one for your office building.

What Do You Need in an Office Floor?

Office buildings have many unique needs for their floor, such as:

  • Cancelling noise in order to promote a quiet, relaxed workspace
  • Being easy to clean, especially in an office kitchen or break room
  • Stylish enough to match your office’s style and to present your business in a professional way
  • Durable enough to withstand heavy traffic every day without wearing down quickly
  • Resistant to spills to provide enough grip to stay safe

What Are Your Options for Office Flooring?

Choose Comfort Over Cleaning and Durability

For comfort, style, and great noise cancelling, a low-pile carpet might be the best choice. This flooring will help provide a pleasant feel, a comfortable step, and will help keep the office quiet. It’s also friendly to rolling office chairs.

Carpet is resistant to slipping, too, but it does stain, and it may not be the best choice for offices with open kitchen areas or break rooms and carpet could wear down easier, especially in high-traffic areas.

Style and Function

For a sleek style, great functionality, and a very durable option, a vinyl plank flooring could be a great choice. It’s affordable, resistant to stains and scratches, and it comes in plenty of styles and colors to match a brand of office aesthetic. Vinyl is also an affordable option that is easy to replace.

In the same vein, a laminate flooring can offer a hardwood-like look, also.

If Safety is Key

For the safest flooring, consider rubber which is perfect for high-traffic areas, is comfortable under foot, and is resistant to heat and spills which makes it extremely safe and grippy to avoid slips and falls. Not to mention, it’s very noise resistant.

There are numerous options when it comes to office flooring, choosing the right one for you depends on the needs of your office.

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