i4F Drop-Lock System: Flooring Installation Made Remarkably Easier

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The brand-new i4F drop-lock system sets out to reinvent the flooring installation process. When installers improperly set down flooring, the materials give ways to a plague of issues. These issues entail water seepage and debris falling between crevices.

Over time, the aforementioned challenges tend to harm the flooring material itself. More so, they create worse problems, such as mold growth. With i4F’s new system, these worries may soon be a thing of the past.

Explaining the i4F Drop-Lock System

i4F’s drop-lock system allows for an easier installation and disassembly process. Additionally, the i4F system makings flooring maintenance far simpler. By removing the gap between materials, it also cuts down on those water and debris problems.

Overall, the drop-lock system crafts two technologies into one. First, the 3L TripleLock represents a single piece drop-lock technique. When used on the short side of the board,  3L TripleLock removes the need for an insert here.

Secondly, the system utilizes Click4U, an angle system of connecting boards, on the long side. Not only do these unique systems deliver zero gaps and a strong connection, the disassembly process is far more user-friendly.

Available across numerous materials, the drop-lock system works with laminate, luxury vinyl, and wood. In fact, it comes in several styles as well, including herringbone, chevron, mix and match, and classic plank floorings, just to name a few.

i4F’s Vision for the Future of Flooring

Aside from the i4F drop-lock system, the brand hopes to continue its pursuit of enhanced floorings through technological achievement. Notably, i4F plans to introduce synthetic grout enhancements named True Grout. True Grout imitates ceramic grout for floors and walls but with simpler installation and maintenance requirements.

As the flooring industry experiences continuous innovation, everyday homeowners and facility managers come out as the clear winners. With novel techniques for enhancing the resiliency of flooring to water, stains, and debris, the drop-lock system is just one of those latest innovations.

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