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So, your kitchen needs a major upgrade. Let’s face it. This is long overdue. The paint is peeling, the walls have scratches from the kiddos, and it looks outdated – by at least 10 years. But, chances are you don’t have the time or money for a complete remodel right now. That’s okay! You can still give your kitchen a facelift.


A great way to give your space an updated, modern look is to install a backsplash. They are relatively easy to install and won’t use up all of your resources – or your budget.


Backsplashes typically span from where the countertop meets the wall to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. They are usually installed on one wall – typically the wall behind the sink – which is why they’re referred to as backsplashes. However, you can put a backsplash in your entire kitchen to give the space an upgraded feel and continuity. Backsplashes are also a great choice for the bathroom. They can be installed underneath the mirror to add a creative flair to the space.


Now, you may have heard that backsplashes are relatively easy to install yourself. But, we don’t recommend a DIY backsplash. While it may seem simple enough, and you can certainly find a wide array of YouTube videos with step by step instructions for how to install a backsplash, it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of issues you can run into when installing a backsplash. Electrical outlets may need to be worked around. Angles may be difficult. And the walls may not be sound enough to hold the weight of the tiles you’re installing.


Not sure where to start? There are a variety of options and materials to choose from! At Scharm Floor Covering, we offer a wealth of tile options in a wide variety of patterns, making it easy to find the perfect backsplash. If you come into our Des Plaines flooring store, we’ll take you through all of the different backsplash options to help you find the pattern, style, and color that’s right for you.


We don’t just sell the tile for backsplashes! We also install them. No matter how tight the space or how difficult the angle, Scharm Floor Covering is up to the challenge! We have years of experience installing backsplashes for the residents of the Chicago suburbs.


Interested in installing a new backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom? Contact Scharm Floor Covering today!


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