Installing Flooring to Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

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Installing flooring in small spaces can be very problematic for even the most talented or expert interior designers. Lack of space can be an issue when it comes to flooring. Plenty of people do not have the luxury of huge expanses of space to work with.

But even if your space is limited, there are still some flooring tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you make the most of the space that you do have.

Be Smart About the Color You Choose

The color of a room can greatly impact how big or small it feels. Because it reflects light, lighter colored flooring gives the impression of more open space. Light-colored hardwood is a great way to add visual depth to a small space, especially when paired with walls painted in a similar color or hue.

But light colors certainly are not the only option. In fact, it is a misconception that dark-colored floors can never be used. If you just must have dark floors, make sure you pick lighter, cooler tones for furniture and walls to create a visually striking contrast that will keep the room from feeling stuffy.

Choose The Right Finish

The finish you choose can make a serious difference to the perception of a small space. It is usually best to keep finishes simple.

You do not want to overwhelm a small space with very shiny floors that have a lot of glare and reflection. A simple, high-quality finish will keep a small space feeling larger whilst giving a sleek look.

Consider Flooring Placement

Space will be perceived differently based on the length, width, and specific placement of the floorboards or flooring you choose. Using wider planks, for example, in a small space can make a room look bigger.

If you are choosing floorboards, the length can have different effects too, depending on what you are looking for. Shortboards can help a space look bigger because of the presence of more joints.  However, the sleep look of longboards with few or no joints can also help with the perception of a space.

Keep Things Simple

Clutter or lots of busy joints, patterns, and colors can make a room look smaller. It is best to keep the flooring of small spaces as simple as possible. This also goes for décor and accents. Having a clear, clean, simple floor will work wonders for making a small space look as large as possible.

When working with a small space, careful consideration of the flooring can make a huge difference to how that space is perceived. Do not overlook the types of floors you choose when decorating, it can make all the difference.

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