Luxury Vinyl Flooring in 2022: Design the Perfect Living Space

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Planning to install luxury vinyl flooring in 2022? Now, homeowners face more styles, color combinations, and aesthetics than ever before.

Throughout 2021, the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering saw a massive uptick in the luxury vinyl flooring market. As a matter of fact, analysts forecast the global luxury vinyl tile market to reach $38.9 billion by 2027. Numbers aside, luxury vinyl flooring represents a strong, beautiful, and, yes, affordable flooring solution.

But what makes it the best option for your living space?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in 2022: Understanding Luxury Vinyl

For those considering installing luxury vinyl flooring in 2022, the best starting point is to understand why luxury vinyl easily accommodates so many living spaces. From an installation standpoint, individual luxury vinyl tiles and planks tend to feature “click-lock” technology. Theoretically, this makes them an excellent do-it-yourself solution.

More importantly, luxury vinyl planking and tile offer a stronger flooring material. As a vinyl solution, “it will stand up well to water” and “won’t scratch as bad as a real hardwood”. Furthermore, luxury vinyl flooring tends to stand up better against foot traffic and water spillage when compared to hardwood flooring.

Speaking of which, luxury vinyl flooring designs come in a plethora of aesthetic solutions from natural stone to hardwood to ceramic tile, so that most visitors would not notice the difference. This style gives luxury vinyl flooring the advantage of mimicking other flooring solutions without forcing the homeowner to compromise on durability.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in 2022: Types of Luxury Vinyl

Do you want to set yourself up for success with luxury vinyl flooring in 2022? One of the next best decisions requires determining the type of luxury vinyl flooring best suited to your environment. Generally speaking, luxury vinyl flooring features four primary categories: luxury vinyl plank, engineered vinyl plank, engineered vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Sometimes referred to as “LVP”, luxury vinyl plank features high-definition patterns that mimic natural flooring aesthetics, such as hardwood and stone. Additionally, luxury vinyl plank showcases the power of both durability and pliability, offering a versatile approach to any living space. As mentioned, luxury vinyl planking often comes with “click-lock” technology, making for a seamless installation process.

Engineered Vinyl Plank

Similarly truncated as “EVP”, engineered vinyl plank resembled hardwood flooring. With rigid core durability, engineered vinyl planking tends to be one of the strongest flooring materials on the market. Incorporating a long, narrow design, engineered vinyl plank makes for easy cleaning while still standing up against water.

Engineered Vinyl Tile

Switching over to the “tile” side, engineered vinyl tile, or “EVT”, resembles ceramic tile. In addition, manufacturers develop some engineered vinyl tile to take on the appearance of stone, marble, or wood materials. Arranging engineered vinyl tile edge-to-edge with grout presents any living space with the appearance of actual tile materials.

Sheet Vinyl

Last but not least, many think of sheet vinyl as “classic vinyl”. Floor installers incorporate sheet vinyl into many large flooring spaces, such as an office environment. Because it sidesteps the hassle of installing individual tiles, sheet vinyl embodies more of a “grab-and-go” flooring solution. However, sheet vinyl does feature one caveat: it is sensitive to flooring placed beneath it. Because of this, experts recommend laying sheet vinyl over a level flooring environment.

Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring in 2022

For those ready to install luxury vinyl flooring in 2022, conduct due diligence into the best material for your living space. While every form of luxury vinyl comes with a wide array of colors, styles, and trends, some may better acclimate to your home or commercial entity than others.

And if you have questions about installing luxury vinyl flooring this year, our team can walk you through the best options for your environment. To bring life into your living space, contact the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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