Merkrete DUSTLESS Setting Solution Now Reduces Tile Installation Time

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As of last week, it was announced that the Merkrete DUSTLESS setting solution will be on full display at Coverings 2022. Merkrete’s new DLT™ products incorporate patented DUSTLESS technology. Not only does their DUSTLESS tech offer a cleaner working environment, it cuts down on installation time, overall.

For years, Merkrete made its focus clear: ceramic tile and natural stone. With this emphasis, the flooring adhesive brand presents high-performance solutions. These solutions scale back project time, enabling floor installers to accept additional projects.

At Coverings 2022, Merkrete plans to have two product lines on full display: slake-free products and its DUSTLESS tech line. The former permits installers to skip the waiting period and final mix, typically involved in mortar and grout application. For reference during a grout application process, the wait time usually is in the ballpark of the three hours. Requiring only a single mixing session, the slake-free materials can save floor installers roughly 12 hours per pallet.

On the other hand, the DUSTLESS line creates significantly less dust during the installation process. This takes into account both the transportation process and the actual jobsite. In addition, DUSTLESS mortar reduces a great deal of the end-of-project cleanup.

“Many of our customers recognize us as an innovative brand that has enhanced and/or advanced many of the materials they work with every day. Coverings has always been a show where the industry’s best and brightest attend to view the latest trends, so we’re pleased to have an opportunity to demonstrate our new products and brand direction.”

– Merkrete National Sales Manager Todd Boos

Overall, the DLT DUSTLESS technology promotes that it leads to:

  • Less mess to clean up
  • Easier to mix
  • Easier to spread
  • Longer working time
  • Uses less water

To learn more about the latest Merkrete tile setting solution, contact the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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