Scharm Donates and Installs New Carpet for the Des Plaines American Legion!

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At Scharm Floor Covering, we pride ourselves on being active members of our community and the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce. Giving back and helping our neighbors has been a top priority for the 45 years we’ve been in business, which is why we were more than happy to help the Chamber with their latest volunteer project – remodeling the Des Plaines American Legion.


When we heard about the renovation project, as part of the Veterans Back to Work Boot Camp, we knew we had to get involved. Scharm Floor Covering was proud to donate and install new carpet for American Legion Post 36.


Set up by the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce to help veterans transition back into civilian life, learn important job skills, and help them find a career path, this 10-week boot camp features career counseling, as well as educational programs and workshops that cover a wide range of topics. As part of the boot camp, the 20 veterans are required to complete a volunteer project.


This year’s project was to renovate the Des Plaines American Legion, which was generously offered as the site for the Veterans Back to Work Boot Camp’s graduation ceremony. Along with volunteers from Rivers Casino and the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce, veterans spent a weekend repairing the walls and painting the hall, giving it a fresh, updated look. 


Then, when the renovations were complete, we went in and started working on the floors. With the help of retired flooring professional Bill Schoenberg, who generously volunteered his time, we installed Mohawk carpet tile over a two-day period. This was a very rewarding project to work on and we were honored to be able to give back to our community and the veterans who so bravely sacrificed so much for our country.


We enjoyed working with Post 36 Commander Thomas H. Strossner and Andrea Biwer – the Director of the Des Plaines Chamber and the coordinator of the Boot Camp – on this renovation project and were honored to be able to support their efforts. A special shoutout to Sky Chef in Des Plaines, as well, who will be providing food for the graduation ceremony. It is great to see so many in the community giving back and getting involved. 


Now, the Des Plaines American Legion is almost ready for the Veterans Back to Work Boot Camp’s graduation ceremony on November 8th! 


Check out behind-the-scenes photos from the renovation project below (click to see enlarged photo). 


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