Oiled & Ultra-Matte Finishes: Flooring Trends for 2022

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In recent months, oiled and ultra-matte flooring finishes grew increasingly popular. When purchasing new flooring, it is vital that homeowners choose a material that not only meets your needs in terms of function, but also style and aesthetic. With plenty of options to consider, ranging from luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpeting, and more, homeowners can play around with countless variations for their living space.

Oiled & Ultra-Matte Finishes: What is a Flooring Finish?

Also referred to as a “floor covering”, a “flooring finish” is essentially the top layer of a floor. Generally, speaking, this is that layer that people walk on. In many cases, flooring finishes take on a decorative aesthetic since it is the most visible. In 2022, oiled and ultra-matte finishes gained plenty of prevalence this year.

Oiled Flooring Finishes

The first major finish for 2022 comes in the form of oiled finishes. Because oiled finishes take on more of a natural look and feel, homeowners desire them for their realistic approach compared to pre-manufactured finishes.

Over the past few years, numerous manufacturers created a push for natural flooring materials. One such example comes from Karastan, whose “Better Than Nature Intended” product line features BelleLuxe and LuxeCraft. These flooring lines offer a wood-look aesthetic, featuring oak sourced from the Canadian wilderness.

Ultra-Matte Flooring Finishes

In addition to oiled flooring finishes, ultra-matte flooring finishes also grew in popularity. These finishes offer very low-sheen protective coatings, and are typically featured on wood. With a stunning aesthetic and a natural feel, ultra-matte flooring has plenty to offer.

Oiled & Ultra-Matte Finishes: Installation for Your Home

As oiled and ultra-matter flooring finishes continually expand in their popularity, homeowners come to Scharm Floor Covering to explore the best choices for their living space. For help with installing newly finished flooring in your home, contact the specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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