Parquet Flooring: The New Comeback Style of 2023

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Parquet flooring has been a popular choice around the globe for centuries, now it is making a comeback as a modern-day stylish flooring. Here is why:

What is Parquet Flooring?

Firstly, parquet is a type of wood flooring. The wooden slats are set in patterns rather than in straight lines like in a traditional wood flooring setup.

Parquet flooring comes in a variety of styles. It can be customized to whatever repeating pattern you can envision, but it typically comes in a handful of styles:

  • Herringbone: This pattern of parquet flooring uses small rectangular slats to produce a zig zag pattern across a floor.
  • Chevron: Chevron-style parquet, like herringbone, is made up of small slats. It is shaped into arrows that go across the length of the floor. Though, it differs from herringbone in that the slats on a chevron floor are cut at 45-degree angles. This is to provide a straighter arrow pattern.
  • Versailles: This style of parquet flooring involves using wooden slats to appear interwoven together. It was made popular by its use in the Palace of Versailles in France.
  • Mosaic: Mosaic parquet flooring uses the small wooden slats to create sometimes intricate ‘wooden tile’ designs. Of course, these designs can be highly customized.

Why is Parquet Flooring Becoming Popular Again?

Once you have seen a finished parquet floor, it is easy to understand why they’re quickly coming back into style.

Parquet is a truly timeless look. The rich and royal have been using parquet floorings in their homes for centuries. This includes some of the most famous royals who lived in Versailles.

Parquet flooring just gives off a very regal, classy, elegant vibe into a room. Of course the intricate designs are well-planned and, when taken care of, the wood’s natural complexion is on full display against the unique choices of design.

Caring for Parquet Floors

Like other forms of hardwood, parquet floors are hardy and, depending on your source, a sustainable flooring option. When taken care of, a hardwood floor can last you a long time without losing any of its luster.

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