Refurbishing Wood Floors to Expand Their Lifespan

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Refurbishing wood floors expands their lifespan. While wood floors are certainly a stylish, beautiful choice, they face wear and tear over time. When there is plenty of foot traffic, hardwood flooring deteriorates at an even quicker pace.

A little love and attention go a long way. Fortunately, you can refurbish your hardwood floors yourself. However, ensure that you’re fully prepared for the task at hand. If it’s time for you to refurbish your hardwood floors, here are some tips and tricks to get the job done.

Completely Clear and Clean the Space Prior to Refurbishing Wood Floors

Before refurbishing wood floors, completely clear your living space. Also, make sure that you thoroughly clean the environment. Refurbishment materials gain better application on a clean floor. This makes the refurbishment process so much easier in the long run.

Choose The Right Sanding, Staining & Safety Equipment for Refurbishing Wood Floors

Selecting the right equipment is paramount when refurbishing wood floors. First, let’s discuss sanding equipment. Start with coarser sanding paper to remove the finish. That said, avoid anything coarser than 60 as you could end up damaging your floors. Once the finish and any surface scratches have been removed, you can switch to finer sandpaper to get a smoother finish.

Sealer helps apply even coverage when it comes time for staining. Apply the sealer evenly. Otherwise, your stain ends up being patchy and streaky. The same goes for wood stain. Evenly apply wood stain on one small area at a time to avoid lap marks.

Refurbishing your wood floors results in lots of dust. Thus, you should wear a respirator as well as have dust masks and earplugs handy. Eye protection is also critical, and gloves aren’t a bad idea, either.

Don’t Forget About an Exit Strategy

It’s all too easy to forget about the exit strategy when refurbishing wood floors. If you can’t easily leave the area, you might be at risk of ruining all your hard work. It’s best to work in parallel rows from the furthest away wall, working towards the wall with the door.

Refurbishing wood floors is entirely possible to do, and to do well if you follow the right tips and tricks. If you aren’t careful and diligent about how you refurbish your floors you could end up ruining them or making them look worse. Take your time and ensure that you do the most thorough job possible, and your refurbishing work will last for years to come.

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