Revive Your Bathroom Now: Introducing 6 Tantalizing Shower Ideas

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In 2021, you do not have to wait; revive your bathroom now. Throughout 2020, many of us spent more time at home than ever before. Through the lockdown, you might have felt that your current bathroom designs did not inspire you anymore.

Maybe it is time to spice up the bathroom. Scharm Floor Covering introduces six tantalizing shower ideas to inspire your home décor.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with a Slate Bathroom Shower

Many view slate as a popular shower wall option. Slate is waterproof and easy to maintain. Not only that, slate tends to be less slippery when wet compared to other shower wall options.

Beyond pure practicality, many people are choosing slate showers simply because of the rugged texture. Slate also features a certain natural beauty of the stone.

Generally speaking, slate shower walls come in a few different colors like grey, black, brown, and a mixture of many shades.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with Black Tile

For a more unique look, black tile can help your shower and bathroom stand out from the typical aesthetic. Black tile is sleek and fresh. In addition, black tile softens the typically bright tones found in bathrooms. However, black tile contributes to making bathroom spaces “appear” larger as well.

Black tile is available in a variety of shapes and designs. This makes black tile a great solution for customers matching their bathroom’s current layout with design ideas.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with Stone Walk-In Shower

Stone walk-in showers have tons of colors, textures, stones, and design choices. Showers constructed with stone materials represent modern looks. Having said that, stone walk-in showers also fit right in with classic bathroom styles.

Stone walk-in style showers open up the bathroom space. In general, stone walk-in showers can feature sleek glass doors and no cumbersome tub. When it comes to discussing sizing, stone walk-in showers fit any size so it doesn’t matter how much or how little space you have.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with Blue and White Tile

The blue and white colored tile combination is as versatile as it gets. Blue and white tile accompanies a flexible range of designs. Its flexibility ranges from the nautical and coastal to the modern and sleek.

Overall, blue and white tile showcases numerous hues and tones. This offers customers unique ways to customize the look and shape of their bathroom tile.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with Limestone

Another popular shower choice, limestone offers natural stones due to its gorgeous natural texture and colors. It can be a great addition to a contemporary aesthetic or fit a more classic bathroom vibe. Limestone, like other natural stones, is fairly slip resistant which makes it a great choice for a shower stone.

It is recommended that you seal your stone, though. Sealing limestone helps homeowners avoid absorption, which could lead to damage.

Revive Your Bathroom Now with Mixed Tile

One type of tile has a lot of options when it comes to colors, designs, and shapes. But when homeowners mix two (or more) types, they unlock some truly creative solutions.

Mixing tile color scheme adds a splash of vibrance to the space. When doing so, homeowners employ different shapes to create a unique pattern. There are seemingly infinite options!

For help with reviving your bathroom, reach out to the flooring and home décor specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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