Why it is Safe to Install New Flooring Today

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Through uncertain times like these, we always look for positives. One of them is that it has given many building owners a chance to improve and refresh without having to inconvenience their tenants or employees.

Making the Best of Troubling Times

Though most businesses have been forced to work from home or shut down for the time being, this leaves building owners and managers a chance to improve amongst turmoil. With tenants no longer in the building, it can be a perfect time to update flooring and complete any renovation projects without having to worry about inconveniencing workers.


Many parts of flooring work, such as designing and consultation, can still be done remotely. The construction process is still possible thanks to added precautionary measures and many workers no longer occupying the facilities.

Why it is Safe to Install Flooring

Even with the world’s current state of affairs, installing brand new flooring in your facility is safer than ever thanks to the measures we and our partners have taken during this time:


  • With workers away, construction crews can stay the recommended six feet away from each other throughout the installation process.


  • The consultation and design process can still be done remotely.


  • Without workers—as mentioned above—it is possibly one of the safest times to do a flooring overhaul in your building.


If your building is overdue for a new flooring installation, you do not have to wait. With countless workers still operating remotely, now may be the perfect time to complete that flooring construction project and, thanks to precautions and circumstances, it is as safe as ever.


Do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with a member of our team about our safety precautions, the construction process, or to talk about which flooring is right for you. For guidance on installing luxury flooring for your living space, get in touch with the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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