Scharm Cleaned Roselle Park District’s Luxury Vinyl Tile

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We recently cleaned the vinyl flooring of the preschool rooms at the Clauss Recreation Center for the Roselle Park District. The Roselle Park District’s offers preschool programs for two, three, and four-year-olds. The programs are designed to give children the tools and experiences they need for a positive transition to Kindergarten and beyond. The Roselle Park District’s preschool programs motto is: we take small steps toward big futures. Roselle Park Districts Early Childhood program is run through the Park District to help start children off on the path to a successful school experience! The Park District offers children a safe and nurturing environment where children explore, experiment, manipulate, and use their natural curiosity to solve problems and learn about the world around them.

Browse the photos below to see Before, During, and After Pictures of the Roselle Park District’s preschool rooms. You can see from the pictures how badly these floors needed to be cleaned!


The Cleaning Process

We used the hot water extraction cleaning method to clean the Roselle Park District’s Luxury Vinyl Tile. We pre-treated and scrubbed the vinyl with a counter-rotating brush machine to loosen up the dirt and soils embedded in the grains of the tile that normal cleanings and mopping won’t be able to pick up. We also hand scrubbed the hard to reach areas and tight corners to small for our machines to get to. We then removed the loosened dirt and soil via hot water extraction with our portable pressurized cleaning machine and a shaw approved LVT solution rinse. Lastly, we set floor fans down in order to achieve a faster dry time.


Now that the vinyl flooring of the preschool rooms at the Clauss Recreation Center are sparkling clean and shiny, the children can play on the floor without any concern for cleanliness.

We enjoyed working with the great people of Roselle Park District to clean the vinyl flooring before school started to make sure these kids start the school year off on the right foot!

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