Sell Your Home This Year with Upgraded Hardwood Flooring

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Want to sell your home this year? Upgrading your flooring may be the fastest way to get it done. But what type of flooring should you install?

Why to Avoid Carpeting When Selling Your Home

For those planning a sale, selling your home this year with new carpeting probably isn’t the best move. While new carpeting does add a return on investment of 25%-40%, carpeting is generally a cheaper floor installation project compared to hardwood and tile.

Because of this, prospective homebuyers may question the home’s cleanliness, along with long-term durability (i.e. what’s underneath the carpeting?).

Sell Your Home This Year with New Hardwood Flooring

Conversely, most home buyers prefer real hardwood flooring. When selling your home this year, hardwood flooring tends to be the best way to go.

While even the finest carpeting usually lasts up to 15 years, high-quality hardwood floors last a lifetime. In Chicago, “65% of all flooring installed in new homes is hardwood, with engineered wood leading by a small margin over solid wood”. This shows that hardwood plays well locally, but, in fact, hardwood flooring is extremely desirable on a national scale as well.

Not only are hardwood floors the single most requested home feature, 54% of buyers will actually pay more money for a home that has hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring has a wonderful aesthetic, suitable for most living spaces. Beyond that, hardwood flooring offers a 70%-80% return on investment for homeowners.


When selling your home in 2022, there are a plethora of decisions that need to be to ensure a listing-ready property. When it comes to flooring, the majority of potential home buyers prefer to see hardwood flooring over alternatives, such as carpeting. To install hardwood flooring before you sell your home this year, contact the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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