Stair Runners: Floor Covering That Will Elevate Tread

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In homes throughout Illinois, stair runners quickly grew into a popular choice for both style and practicality. Generally, homeowners add runners to “carpet” space that is typically uncarpeted.

This makes runners a popular choice on hardwood and luxury vinyl stairwells from a design standpoint. However, their noise reduction and slip-resistance also offer pragmatic benefits to the home.

What are Stair Runners?

For the unacquainted, stair runners are essentially stretches of carpet that run down the stairway. Typically, runners are form-fitting, meaning they sit tightly again the shape of the stairs. Additionally, Scharm Floor Covering can professionally attach them as well.

There are a lot of reasons homeowners choose to install stair runners. Some want more style or a pop of color, some for safety, and some to just add warmth to a home, but either way, stair runners can provide a lot of value to a home. Homeowners can also get creative with their shapes by having runners leak out into the main living areas, into the space they lead to (either up or down), or by just carpeting the stairs themselves.

Practical Benefits of Stair Runners

Stair runners bring more benefits than one would think to a home’s central staircase. Not only do they enhance home décor, they also improve the tread. For those concerned with slip-and-fall incidents, runners offer additional traction along the stairwell.

Furthermore, runners create a quieter step in the home. With the additional layer of carpeting, they eases heavier footsteps. Some types of stair runners even attach to your stairs to prevent the carpet from slipping away or bunching up. If not attached, you can use an under-carpet rubber grip pad to keep the runner in place, too.

Installing Runners in Your Living Space

From an aesthetic standpoint, stair runners introduce further style to the home. Coming in a wide array of colors and patterns, runners are easily swappable as well. But the biggest benefit stems from their lifespan increasing elements.

With a runner, foot traffic gains an additional layer of protection. This mitigates every day wear and tear, and is especially useful for stairs with any damage.

To bring life into your living space, contact the Chicagoland flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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