Stair Treads: A Popular Trend for 2020

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Stair treads are the most common and most popular options available when finishing a stairway flooring. But, what are they and what sets them apart from all the other stairway flooring options you have?


What Exactly Are Stair Treads?


Stair treads, from top brands like NuStair, are a tough, easy-to-install stair flooring option that’s quickly becoming one of the most popular options for homeowners.


Essentially, ‘stair treads’ are the horizontal pieces that form the actual step of the stairway. They are typically made of wood or composite wood that is finished to look like the real thing. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so you have many options to find the perfect stair treads for your home.


What is the Difference Between Stair Treads and Risers?


Treads and risers are the two main components of stair flooring finishes and are commonly mistaken for one another, some even using the words interchangeable. But, there’s actually a big difference.


While stair treads represent the horizontal step where you place your foot, the stair riser is the vertical board placed between each tread. While nearly all stairs will have treads, not every style you will see will have risers, leaving that space empty, mostly as a style choice.


Styles of Stair Treads


As mentioned above, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a stair tread. NuStair, for example, offers seven different types of wood and eight different finishes and colors.


This means that no matter the project, home, or office, there is a combination of wood, finish, and color that will look great, feel solid, and last a long time.


Not only can you customize the color and finish of your stair tread, but you can customize the exact size and cut to help complete the look you are hoping for. Most stair treads are stocked in 36”-72” sizes—with 6” increments.


It is not always something people think of when re-finishing their floors, but choosing the right stair tread—considering all the customization options—can make a big difference.


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