Trends From Cersei Fall Expo, Ceramics of Italy

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Italy is always known as a place of art, creation, and creativity, and in the world of flooring that very much rings true, especially in ceramic tiles. This year at Cersei, the world’s largest ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings exhibition, the top designers and manufacturers displayed some of their best designs and trends in Bologna.

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Low-Maintenance Flooring That Will Make You Fall in Love

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Our floors go through a lot, making low-maintenance flooring more appeal. Let us face it. Everyday life features a cavalcade of kids, pets, spills, guests, and, of course, general wear and tear.

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Top 5 Bathroom Flooring Trends for 2021

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New Year, New Me? How about New Year, New Bathroom.   Bathrooms generally stick to a handful of tried-and-true materials due to the sheer amount of water that the flooring will be exposed to. Hardwoods and most rugs are no-go’s, but there are still plenty of stylish, modern, and retro flooring styles to choose from […]

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Why Ceramic Tile is Great for Breweries

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Breweries are tough on floors. The entire brewing process is a series of events that brings many different elements upon the floor that, over the course of time, causes damage. Vibrations, heat, and spills are all things that happen daily at breweries that accelerate the wear and tear of a typical floor. That’s why so many breweries go with ceramic tile as their tile of choice.

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Perfect Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts for This Year

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For this year’s mother’s and father’s days, consider a gift that will not only have an immediate impact on your home but a lasting one as well. Flooring, rugs, backsplashes, they all provide something unique to a home and could make a perfect gift to celebrate those whom you love. Here are a few impactful […]

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The Best Flooring Materials To Help Maintain Clean Floors

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Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your home clean and clear of germs, bacteria, dust, and dirt. Some floors are better than others when it comes to maintaining that coveted cleanliness, but choosing which one is best still depends on a few factors. How to Pick the Cleanest Flooring Choosing which is the […]

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