Tarkett Dynamic Edit: New Modular Patterns for Commercial Flooring

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Floor covering technology evolves quickly, and the new Tarkett Dynamic Edit series reflects that. Featuring modular designs, Dynamic Edit offers designers more freedom. Simultaneously, the stunning line offers a visually stunning, sustainable flooring option.

What is the Tarkett Dynamic Edit Series?

The Tarkett Dynamic Edit series takes the form of soft-surface floor covering products. In addition, Tarkett manufactured the line to be sustainable, creative, and customizable. In doing so, designers gain the ultimate freedom to build the perfect indoor space.

Vibrant colors, patterns, and textures can be mixed and matched using 12 unique colorways. Tarkett describes the new series as a collection that “celebrates ongoing innovation and the process of constantly refining our craft – because each day, we’re presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.”

Features of Tarkett Dynamic Edit

Tarkett Dynamic Edit allows designers the ability to craft exciting spaces. Here’s a look at some of the features you can look forward to from Tarkett’s newest innovation:

A Wide Range of Colors

Tarkett Dynamic Edit gave interior designers the ultimate freedom with their color systems. These color systems allow for the ultimate ability to find the perfect colors and palettes. From a design standpoint, designers can achieve the right color match every time for consistency in branding or establishing a room’s tone.

Mix and Matched Designs

The Tarkett Dynamic Edit series encourages a combination of patterns and colors, too. With the mix-and-match trait, interior designs should feel free to experiment with a repertoire of colors, patterns, and textures. Conclusively, this helps when building a cohesive, yet unique visual style.

Convenient and Innovative Technology

Tarkett’s Dynamic Edit series features many technologies to fashion a healthier indoor environment. This includes ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology. This flooring tech prevents moisture, pH, and previous flooring adhesives from affecting Dynamic Edit installation.

Additionally, TarkettTAPE allows for moisture test-free installation, cutting total installation time down by up to 3 days.

Install Tarkett Dynamic Edit in Your Commercial Space

As flooring technology continues to evolve, commercial properties win out big. Installing soft-surface flooring with modular design promotes creative freedom, helping organizations to establish their office brand.

To install Tarkett Dynamic Edit in your commercial space, contact the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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