Tile Trends from Spain: Highlights from Cersaie Fall 2021

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Cersaie, an exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing in Spain, occurred a few months back. This annual event gathers some of the world’s best Spanish design companies to showcase their latest designs. Here are some of the highlights and top trends from the showfloor in Italy.

The Top 5 Tile Trends from Cersaie Fall 2021

1. Polarized Marble

Marble has always been a popular choice in rooms all over the home, but in 2021 it took an aesthetically pleasing leap into new colors, finishes, textures, and effects that maintains the organic feel of natural stone with a modern, fierce finish.

2. Golden Arches

Able to balance chic, fun, and artistic, golden arch patterns capture an old-fashioned art deco feel—seen in many great examples of architecture around the world and especially in the US.

3. Elements of Nature

Earthy and natural tones have become a very popular choice due to their warm, calming effects on a space. With options from brown, green, white, and grey. Natural colors, stylings, and elements in tile fit well with minimal, ‘timber’ looks.

4. Clean Lines and Finishes

Simplicity and minimalism are rising trends in design and that includes ceramic and tile. Single colors and simple lines and patterns provide balance and completion to spaces.

These types of finishes can also be used as a juxtaposition, jarring slightly against neighboring styles without standing out to the point of distraction.

5. Modular Formats

Going against the simplistic favorings above, a modular format tile brings an interesting twist to minimalist grids of tile blocks. These fun styles work well in mixed-use areas of the home by blurring the lines of use.

Every year, tastes and trends change the mentality of designers when it comes to tile and every year the best of the best come to Cersaie to show off the innovative new ways they use tile to enhance homes.

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