Top 5 Popular Flooring Colors for 2021

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If you are considering redecorating or renovating a room or two in your home, it is important to know the latest trends and styles as we continue into 2021, especially when it comes to the flooring which can set the tone for the entire house.

Popular Flooring Colors for 2021

So, what are the most popular flooring colors to look out for in 2021 to stay on top of the latest styles and trends? Here are a few styles that are becoming more popular for their uniqueness, fashion, and versatility.

1.   Grey-Toned Hardwood

Grey tones have become synonymous with modernity in interior design and have become extremely popular in the last few years along with the popularity of white kitchens and grey closets.

A grey-toned hardwood is a nice balance between light and dark that can complement many different colors in a room. It is a very pleasant neutral option that will not distract the eye but still makes a reasonable statement in a room.

It can be painted or stained to achieve this look, both options giving slightly different outcomes in the overall style of the wood.

2.   Light Unstained Hardwood

Light, unstained hardwood is a stylish way to give a room an ‘all-natural’ feel that combines subtlety with absolute style and chicness.

These floors typically come in between off-white, white or a noticeably light brown and are a great complement to a white kitchen, like the grey hardwoods.

3.   Dark Charcoal

In the opposite direction of our first two, dark charcoal provides a nice contrast and change of pace from the popular light colors of cabinets, walls, and décor. These rich, dark floors bring a level of elegance to a room, especially when paired with additional dark accents throughout the room.

4.   Cool Brown Walnut & Yellow Oak

Reaching slightly closer to a typical hardwood look, cool brown walnut and yellow oak is a more natural ‘woody’ tone that has come to be the classic look of what you typically think of when imagining a hardwood floor. It is professional, warm, inviting, and stylish all in one.

5.   Blond Hardwood

A blond hardwood is a much lighter, friendly-looking option that comes in a sandy-brown tone which is versatile enough to fit into many different styles from coastal to city. It can be relaxing, upscale, cozy, almost anything you need it to be depending on how you decorate the rest of the room.

There is no doubt that hard surfaces are the most popular choice in 2021 and, luckily, there are plenty of trendy, stylish options to make sure you find the perfect flooring for your home.

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