Trends From Cersei Fall Expo, Ceramics of Italy

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Italy is always known as a place of art, creation, and creativity, and in the world of flooring that very much rings true, especially in ceramic tiles. This year at Cersei, the world’s largest ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings exhibition, the top designers and manufacturers displayed some of their best designs and trends in Bologna.

Here is a look at some of the most stunning trends from the event and what to look for in design in the near future.

The 5 Top Trends from the Cersaie Expo in Italy

1. Pastel

Found all around the event, pastels in all kinds of colors—from sage to mint to rose—could be found. These softer colors were popular for interiors in order to give a soothing, organic effect.

Pastel has been a popular style choice all year, fitting perfectly into Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Wiliams’ colors of the year, October Mist and Evergreen Fog, respectively.

2. Bas Relief

Thanks to large Italian investment in design technology, these tiles add a fresh, stylish, three-dimensional finish, adding depth and structure to interiors.

3. Baroque

An old-school style, Baroque originally dominated Europe in the 17th century—seen in many examples of architecture, art, and furniture—and it continues to be a popular choice today. It’s natural and grand feeling adds a dramatic touch to any room with striking colors, patterns, and details.

4. Modern History

An ode to history, many designers referenced more classical patterns and styles in this year’s collections. Companies created looks that match luxurious floorings found in villas and houses across Europe.

Many also included modern twists with mid-century patterns and ceramic stylings.

5. Murals

Advancements in design technology have made ceramic tile thinner but larger than ever, so much so that it has become an attractive alternative to wallpaper.

This year, many manufacturers offered larger patterns that showcased designer’s ability to create large scenes and scapes with incredible detail, creating stunning, natural visuals on porcelain and other tiles.

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