Wall Flooring Creativity

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Wall flooring creativity is indicative of 2021’s direction in visual trends. As interior design and home décor techniques see constant reinvention, innovation like this is a natural progression.

Although luxury vinyl, hardwood, and laminate are typical materials used for flooring, they no longer have to be. Installing floor covering materials on home walls is a great way to provide a unique texture and a pop of color, all while thinking outside the box.

Basics of Wall Flooring Creativity

The first question you have to ask is: What types of flooring can I install on my walls?

The answer?

Any flooring materials that are rated for wall usage. When installing flooring as wall decor, it must meet certain requirements; these vary by the type of flooring.

For instance, hardwood flooring is generally limited to smaller walls due to weight restrictions. However, flooring may also be restricted due to local laws and ordinances.

Similarly, certain floor covering materials simply do not belong in certain areas of the home. As an example, installing wood around a fireplace can be problematic at best. This is because fireplace areas are known for their higher temperatures.

Meanwhile, non-waterproof flooring would not be a good fit for shower areas where they can be easily damaged. For these sections of the home, flooring with luxury vinyl planking or luxury vinyl tile would be a better fit.

Three Ideas for Wall Flooring Creativity

Wall flooring creativity enables you to make a statement within the home, offering yet another avenue for personal expression. When doing so, texture, color, and spacing are only some of the criteria worth considering.

Bathroom & Kitchen Wall Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planking flooring is a fantastic addition to many rooms in the home, especially bathrooms and kitchens. During our work, we will often see certain types of laminate, tile, and vinyl applied as backsplashes.

Luxury vinyl tile or planking is an eighth inch thick; both products can be cut with a knife and scribed into the wall easily. The major distinction comes with the aesthetic: luxury vinyl tile offers more of a “ceramic look”, whereas “luxury vinyl planking” presents more of a “wood look”.

Generally, they are easy to clean, are aesthetically pleasing, and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Accent Walls

Flooring can act as a beautiful accent wall in any room of the house. This is especially true when placed behind wall hangings, such as paintings, televisions, bookshelves, and lighting.

Fireplace Walls & Backsplashes

Adding ledger stone to fireplace walls, backsplashes, or even walls can provide a beautiful texture and character to the room. Ledger stones are a highly versatile stone that comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors compared to natural stones.

They are commonly found bordering fireplaces because of their affordability, lightweight, and ability to withstand high temperatures without damage.

Though they are most known around fireplaces, ledger stones are a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. Because of the sheer variety of ledger stones, it is easy to find the perfect style for any room.

Built-In Shelving

One popular trend in interior design is to use wood-style flooring as backing for built-in shelving. Whether it is in a home office, book nook, living room, hallways, or kitchen, use flooring to change up the interior of a shelf to match any trim or add a touch of texture and color.

Flooring is not just for floors anymore. Nearly all types and materials can creatively be used in your home on the walls, floors, and more with only certain limitations.

For help with wall flooring creativity, reach out to the flooring specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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