What Makes Karastan Carpets Special?

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Karastan has been making uniquely beautiful rugs in the US for over 90 years. All of Karastan’s area rugs and carpeting are hand-weaved and made with passion by experts with decades of experience, but that is just one thing that makes a Karastan carpet so special.

Hand-Crafted and Unique Carpets

Every single Karastan carpet is unique because each one is hand-crafted by artisans, each with 30 years of experience creating beautiful rugs and each puts their own personal touch on the rugs.

Along with being crafted by hand, each rug is put through a rigorous inspection and checked for imperfections that affect the quality and build of the rug before being sent to retailers and landing on the floors of your home.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Along with an in-depth inspection process to guarantee quality, Karastan uses the highest-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting product that continues to grace the floors of your home for many years after purchase.

Thanks to innovations in synthetic fibers and the use of top-quality natural wool and nylon, Karastan carpets are crafted to last.

Designs from Across the World

Karastan’s designs were inspired by the world around us. Traditional designs from countries around the world, works of art, natural beauty, everything that makes the world unique and interesting has been woven into the fibers of a Karastan carpet and eventually into your home.

National Karastan Month

National Karastan Month has been extended which means the sales have continued and now is the best time to bring your Karastan rug or carpet home. Come and see the latest designs and find one that works to improve your space.

Karastan makes some of the finest rugs and carpets in the world with unmatched hand-crafted quality that lasts in your home for generations. View our products or find us today to learn about all the Karastan rugs we offer.

To find the perfect carpeting or area rug designed for your living space, get in touch with the Karastan specialists at Scharm Floor Covering.

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